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If you’re in charge of organizing a festival or a fair or any other function with a whole lot of people, you want to be sure those people have a good time. And you don’t want to break the bank while doing it....that’s where I come in!


For the past 25 years, I've been performing my unique blend of family-friendly comedy magic across the country. Whether it's performing on a massive stage at a county fairs or in the rec room of a mountain resort or campground, I am at home in front of any audience.


That’s because I know that people intrinsically love magic, which, believe me, can delight people as much as music and the movies. My personal magical motto is “Do something extraordinary with the ordinary, not something ordinary with the extraordinary.” This has led me to shed all the big “magicky” looking props that, by their very nature, draw suspicion.


My shows ALWAYS include plenty of audience participation. I don’t believe the audience merely witnesses the magic...I believe they help make it happen!


Here’s the bottom line: Your audience will love my show. I guarantee it!


canada's Premiere festival magician

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what makes steve stand out?

family humor

engaging with audience

delivers value!

entertaining & memorable

Steve's routine is PERFECT for both young and older age groups!  His seamless blend of magic and comedy is clean for ANY family!

if you ask anyone who has seen my show, I think the one word you'd hear that best describes their experience is "FUN and ENGAGING!" that was two words.  I ALWAYS make a connection with my audiences no matter how big or small.

My #1 goal is to connect with every member of the audience.  I want to be sure that they not only have an amazing experience, but also take each memory with them for years to come!  That's probably the most important part of my job.

Audience participation...nonstop laughter....amazing magic...engaging rapport. These are all the things I being to the table for my clients!  You WILL NOT be disappointed!

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my amazing


“The magic of Steven Gabriel was the perfect addition to our event! Steven designed his show to fit our Halloween theme perfectly!”

Karen Burns

cornwall square

"Everyone loved the show - kids and adults. They were all laughing and having a great time."

ken thornhill

Cobourg East Campground


Q. How much space do you need to set up your show?

A. I can work from an area as small as 10’x10’, although my general rule is “the more space I have, the better.”


Q. How long do you need to set up your show?

A. If it’s an informal show (like a county fair where I’m just one of several people competing for an audience’s attention), I can usually get the show set up in less than 20 minutes (I’ll need longer if I also have to set up my PA system.)  If it’s a formal show (a theatre show where the audience has come to the venue specifically to see me perform) I need to be in the theatre for at least two hours before showtime.


Q. Do you travel?

A. Indeed, I do.


Q. Is travel included?

A. That depends. If you’re booking me for an extended period (three days) then I can sometimes work the travel expenses into my show budget. However, if you are just hiring me for a quick show, then I likely will need to recover my travel costs.


Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes.

10 random things about me!

  • I eat my pizza without cheese. No, I'm not lactose intolerant - I just think pizza tastes better that way.
  • I alway wear bright, colourful and interesting socks. It doesn’t matter if I'm wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie affair, my socks will always be out of this world! I believe life is too short to wear boring socks.
  • Steven Gabriel is my stage name. My real name is Steven Warburton but, believe it or not, there’s another magician with that exact same name. I chose a pseudonym to avoid confusion. (I actually named myself Gabriel after the angel in the Bible.)
  • I'm a big sports fan and cheer for the Calgary Flames and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
  • I studied theatre as a young man and once harboured dreams of becoming an actor. I'm also an amateur playwright and one of my plays won the best original script award at the Calgary One Act Play Festival in 1996.
  • My favourite Bible verse is 1 Samuel 16:7. “Man looks upon the outward appearance but the Lord looks upon the heart.”
  • I love fountain pens and do not like writing with anything else. I owns seven such pens and always have at least one of them with me at all times!
  • I'm a big fan of the late musician, Prince, and have more than 300 of his songs on my iPod®.
  • I'm an avid James Bond fan and do my best to see each new film on opening night.
  • I've created a number of magic-based presentations for elementary schools, including the Non-Smoker 4 Life show and the Mental Health Awareness show.

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